Science and Society. Why do not you understand

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
At Politeama Clarici of Foligno, Thursday, February 14, at 21.15 and Friday, February 15, 9.30 for Schools Theatrical representation "Science and Society. Because you do not understand," text of Massimiano Bucchi

Thanks to the collaboration between the Politeama Clarici, the Municipality of Foligno and the Laboratory of Experimental Sciences,
in preparation for the Feast of Science and Philosophy - virtue and knowledge in 2013, the company
Teatro Stabile of Innovation
"Science and Society. Why do not you understand", written by Bucchi, taken from his book:
"Scientisti e antiscientisti" Ed Il Mulino
There will be Prof. Massimo Bucchi.
In an alley in a European city, a late summer evening, Science and Society meet and
animated discussion.
Every day, on issues such as GMOs, nuclear energy, climate change and scientific progress
and technological soul public debate and creates opposing sides (or assumed).
On the one hand, science and supporters of freedom of scientific research and technological innovation, without
religious and political interference. On the other hand, are calling for limits and banks and the relentless challenges of
Science and Society because you do not understand?
There really is a contrast between front and antiscientist scientist?
Or is it a party game in which science and society are more than
we tend to see?
And what 'is then the stakes for the viewers / citizens?
A show that invites us to reflect ironically on issues of great
current, to see in a different light and to question the
our stereotypes, our concerns and expectations
Science (and the company).
The spat between science and society falls between the audience and us
demonstrates that what happens between them, in fact, relates
all of us.