Microbiology Laboratory

The microbiology laboratory is located in a 97.60 m2 room.
The provision of equipment allows the students to work independantly.
The microscopic observation and knowledge of astonishing facts, that belong to a world invisible to the naked eye, fascinate and interest the students so much as to heighten their true emotions.

The study may relate to parts of a plant, the observation of a drop of stagnant water, and the preparation of slides with parts of animal and plant tissue.
The teacher has at his disposal a powerful and sophisticated optical microscope connected to a video recorder and a computer to save and print the pictures; all the images can be seen by the students.


The microbiology laboratory is located in a room of 97.60 m2.
It is equipped with:

  • 24 optical microscopes with object lenses 4,10,40,100
  • 16 stereoscopes
  • 3 screens with software for measuring, and filing images from the microscope
  • 1 microscope connected to a PC
  • 1 stereoscope connected to Video Projection System,
  • Instrumentation and equipment for the study of the human body
  • Tables with plant structures