Renewable Energy

The Laboratory of Renewable Energy, located in the Laboratory of Physics, includes two experimental teaching areas:

the first is constituted by an integrated plant for the production of electricity by photovoltaic, windpower and thermal energy from geothermal heat.The plant is fully working for heating and air conditioning the premises of the Experimental Science Laboratory. It is also used for educational purposes. Integrating the production of energy from renewable sources is an innovation, particularly suitable for situations in which the placement of large photovoltaic or wind power plants, may intrude or distort the sight of environment landscape. The following can be studied through observations and measurements:

  • the structure, the operation and efficiency of the integrated production of energy from renewable sources.

the second includes equipment and instrumentation for the study and the performance of renewable energies, especially wind and solar.

Real-time data

  • W instantaneous power
  • kWh produced today
  • kWh produced since 24/11/2010
  • kWh Energy per kW Inst. since 24/11/2010
  • Data updated on


Equipment and instruments to study the renewable energy include

  • PEM fuel cells
  • PEM fuel cell in panel
  • Solar cells
  • Electronic cell
  • Motor with propeller and hot air
  • Wind power generator
  • Photovoltaic cells Machine
  • Equipment for the study of solar energy and the greenhouse effect