Upgrading of Teachers of scientific disciplines

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Refresher courses for science teachers of the schools: Primary; Secondary 1st degree; Secondary 2nd degree.

The Laboratory of Experimental Sciences of Foligno has activated,
thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education and with the
support of the Office Regional School for Umbria, an extensive
program of courses training and refresher courses for teachers
of disciplines scientific schools from primary to secondary school
second degree.
As of November 18 were started courses in the
High school 1st and 2nd degree.
To see the course calendar started, download the file
in the right pane of this page.
The course for teachers of primary school and the course: "Educating
sustainability "will start on January 9, 2014.
The calendars will be published shortly on the website: www.labscienze.org.